Gardens provide a beautiful backdrop that you can be seamlessly incorporated into your wedding theme and photo sessions.

If you’re keen on an outdoor wedding but are umming and aahing about which direction to take, here are some themes that work like magic in the garden.


Constructed in 1985 and continually cultivated ever since the Willow Pond Japanese Gardens provides an authentic outdoor venue for an elegant Japanese-inspired wedding. With most trees here being at a semi-matured stage, the lush greenery complete with white river stones creates a peaceful ambience and all the enchantment you need.

Some additional touches in the garden can enhance this even further. Think Bonsai trees for table centrepieces, and colourful parasols for your bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle – this also creates a nice contrast against the garden’s greenery in the wedding photos. Paper or sandalwood fans add to the mood and will keep the guests cool and happy if it’s going to be a hot day. As the sun sets, paper lanterns from overhead wires provide a warm, inviting and magical glow.


A natural garden setting is a must for a quirky and whimsical boho-style wedding. Loose braids, flower crowns, and flowing dress materials will enhance the free-spirited feel of the garden, as will mismatched dining chairs, crockery and table centrepieces – why not go all-out with different natural materials? Wood, feathers and glass jars, and different flowers on each table will add to the ‘young, wild and free’ feel of the day.


Yes getting married means you’re officially an adult, but there’s nothing wrong with letting your inner-child run wild with an Alice in Wonderland theme. With final touches like fairy lights, China teacups and perhaps pretty party favours labelled ‘Eat me,’ you can bring the weird and wonderful magic of Wonderland to life in the garden while still keeping it classy. Go one step further with ‘Queen of Hearts’ themed centrepieces.


A rustic-feel wedding works perfectly amongst garden greenery, starting perhaps with a linen-draped and flower-adorned wooden arbour for the ceremony. When it comes to all the trimmings, try green blooms like kale, with blush and ivory flowers thrown-in for a romantic touch and a pop of subtle colour.

Mismatched milk bottles and mason jars filled with your favourite white or ivory flowers make understated table centrepieces, and you might like to extend the white theme through to the tablecloths. Wooden chairs add a nice contrast and keep things feeling homely. Finishing touches could include chalkboard menus, gilded China and old-school drink carts.

Colour Splash

Make your wedding unique by introducing a bright and punchy colour to the wedding theme, a great way to lessen the formal-feel of the day – because, at the end of the day, a wedding is meant to be one big party!

White or ivory could be your base colour theme; throw blush pink or reds into the mix for a touch of fun and romance. Think white tablecloths and white-draped chairs with red rose centrepieces or even a hint of pink in your wedding dress.

The choices are endless when it comes to outdoor wedding themes, but no matter what theme you decide on, you can be sure it will be perfectly executed at Willow Pond. Contact us today and we’ll provide all the guidance you need for your big day in the garden.