wedding reception venue perth

Let’s just get it out there, planning a wedding reception in Perth can be intensely challenging. The trick is to look after number one – you, while still making sure every other person taps into the joy of the day. How? By laying a trail for happiness with these five key suggestions.


1.    Seating Arrangements

Only you know why you have this special group of people gathered together. You understand their personalities, friendships and family connections. So to help conversation to flow easily, sit people who know each other, together. Don’t let this be the day you try to help mend a feud or match-make somebody.

If you’ve included children on the invite list, seat them together with a back-up plan to keep them entertained.


2.    Keep the Toasts Short

Any wedding reception venue in Perth will testify – toasts can be the absolute highlight of a reception. They can also be like sitting through a day-long seminar. You can’t tell your speakers what to say but you can suggest the length of time to speak. Two minutes is a good starting point.

The tone of humour is also important. Anecdotes can always be fun but the overly long ones or ribald stories might find a better audience at the rehearsal dinner or the post-wedding breakfast.


3.    Get the Dancefloor Started

Many a wedding reveller has said they don’t dance, only to be seen in the centre of the dancing circle two hours later. Sometimes, the hardest part of the dancing is to be the first to get up and do it!

So after the wedding waltz, which in itself can be as unique as you want it to be, plan some music that’s popular with a lively beat. An experienced wedding DJ will know just the tunes that get a room moving and you’ll be surprised – they’re not all the latest hits.


4.    Ensure There is Enough Food

The cardinal rule at any wedding reception in Perth is to make sure everyone is well fed. You don’t want your guests to be hangry (angry because they’re hungry). You want them to have the energy to make it to the last song of the night.

The next rule is to provide the meals in a timely fashion. With so much to already think about, it makes perfect sense to leave the catering to the pros. An experienced reception caterer like Willow Pond has a number of options, from an elaborate 3-course set menu to a semi-set buffet or a varietal grazing table.


5.    Travel Distance to Your Wedding Reception in Perth

This is an often overlooked tip – keep it simple and at the same location as your wedding. It is a massive day for guests as much as yourself so if you can cut down on cross-city travelling and the angst of finding parking twice, you’ll see happier more relaxed guests from the moment you’re presented to them.

Willow Pond is a popular choice for unique wedding venues in Perth because everything is done for you. A wedding by the private lake: done. Catering for all tastes, diets and beliefs? We do that too. We’ve delivered hundreds of wedding days in many individual ways and would love to make yours the next big moment in Perth. We’d love you to give us a call today.