Full Day Conference and Seminar Catering Packages

We provide all catering requirements at Willow Pond.  We don’t allow guests to bring their own catering on-site. Nor do we allow off-site caterers.

Our venue staff will work hard to ensure that your guests come to see and appreciate the pleasant environment of our function centre.

We are available for:

  • Breakfast meetings
  • Full day seminar catering
  • Half day seminar catering options
  • Evening dinner conferences

Full day events are required to use one of our four full-day seminar catering packages which are inclusive of:

  • Tea and coffee on arrival

  • Morning tea and coffee, with a single choice from the refreshment list

  • One of the lunch options listed below

  • Afternoon tea and coffee (if required)

Full Day Seminar Catering Package #One

This selection is automatically provided for groups of less than 25 guests (and no more than 30).

Lunch is provided from our restaurant and will be served either in the restaurant or in your seminar room.  Soft drinks and orange juice are included.

A “limited menu” pre-order form will be handed out at the start of each day and collected during Morning Tea.  We will vary the lunch selection for multiple-day events.

Full Day Seminar Catering Package #Two

This option is available for groups of a minimum 25 guests. Lunch will consist of a selection of Sandwiches plus 2 hot finger foods.

Full Day Seminar Catering Package #Four

This option is available for groups of at least 50 guests. Lunch will consist of buffet-style salads, rice, bread rolls and 2 hot “wet” dishes. Soft drinks and orange juice will also be included.


We also have available both set menu breakfast (minimum 20 guests) and buffet breakfast (minimum 50 guests) for early starts.

Half Day Seminar Catering Options

We also have various platters, both hot and cold, that can be arranged for “after event” nibbles, along with having our bar facilities made available.

For larger conferences, our function catering and function beverage packages are also available.

Equipment Hire

Getting your seminar to run smoothly means that you may require access to AV and other display technology. At Willow Pond, we have the following equipment available for hire:

Data projectors

1.8m (6’x6′) tripod screen (Brodie Room only)
2.4m (8’x8′) tripod screens (Wisteria and Willow Rooms)
Double-sided whiteboard on a trolley (pens included)
Flipcharts (pens and paper included)
Radio PA system (Wisteria Room only)
Staging (Wisteria Room only)

Please note that our equipment will be subject to availability. We recommend that you make any requests for seminar equipment well in advance.

We look forward to your call


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