family restaurant perth

You don’t want crayons and a colouring sheet. Your kids don’t want to just talk! Why, oh why is it so hard to find a family restaurant in Perth that caters to all of us?

The great news is, they are out there and if you know how, it’s easy to find them.


Find Out What Food is Available

Food allergies are ever-present these days while fussy eating has always been an issue with children. So to avoid a hasty restaurant retreat, do an online search before you hop in the car. Just about every kid-friendly restaurant in Perth posts their menus online. Check them out early. You’ll eat safely and save time on the ordering!

Ramon’s restaurant in Canning Vale not only has an online menu, we also have a ‘kids eat free’ special with every adult meal. With the offer available Mondays to Thursdays for lunch and Tuesdays to Thursdays for dinner, for kids under 12, you may never have to buy their meal again!


Options To Entertain The Kids

There’s an art to mastering the kid-friendly restaurant in Perth. It’s all about keeping your children busy so you can relax. To find the best atmosphere, consider if these are available:


Outdoor Seating

It’s kind of a secret code for family-friendly. These areas are perfect for kids because they are meant to be noisier so it’s harder to interrupt others around you. It also gets a tick of approval because outdoor seating is designed to take the punishment (food spills) that kids dole out at meal times.


Gardens and Playgrounds

There’s so much open space to move here. Take a picnic, or buy some food from a local take away. Then roll out the blanket and let the kids run around until they wear themselves out.


Colouring Sheets or Games

This is always a brilliant resolution to occupying the kids and if the restaurant doesn’t have much to hand out, you can always bring a few things from home.


Distance To Family Restaurants in Perth

Short attention spans are kept in check with short chapters of interest. To you, a trip in a car is just the means of getting to the beginning of your evening. To your child, the car trip is the beginning. So if you can see that a 45 minute drive will already tip your kids into the abyss of tantrums, search for restaurants that are closer to home.


Keep it Local – Visit Ramon’s Restaurant in Canning Vale

Restaurants want your business – even with children trailing behind you. Other diners can also quite enjoy an evening surrounded by families. All it takes is a little more thought to give you and your kids the best evening out.

Easier still, save on the research and head straight to Ramon’s Restaurant in Canning Vale. It’s the family restaurant in Perth where we sit you by the idyllic willow pond, give you a wide-ranging menu to everyone’s taste and offer free meals to children under 12. Conditions do apply for this offer so it’s best to give us a call and get that memorable family outing rolling!