wedding venue perth

So, congratulations are in order. Now that the question has been popped (and accepted!) planning is the key to turning your wedding into the success it deserves to be.

Perhaps you’re after a garden wedding venue in Perth? Or something more unique? We suggest you take a big, deep, soothing breath, note down our following suggestions and then set off on what should be a memorable, joyous journey.


Set a Budget

You can make memories of your big day but you can’t make money out of thin air. So first and foremost, sit down together and get to know your budget. Wedding budgets have a tendency to get away from you so know how much you have in the kitty. It will give you more power to say yes and no as the options roll in.

Know also that there is a venue for every style of budget – from ballrooms to unique wedding venues in Perth like a decked-out barn, you can find a space to suit. Some venues, like Willow Pond, even have a variety of indoor/outdoor spaces to choose from.

Once you think you’ve found your venue, wait! Are tables and chairs included? How many staff will be on hand? Can you bring in your special themed decorations?  Be fully informed and don’t be afraid to ask questions before the deposit is down.

Consider Your Values

Remember just who this wedding is for. It’s easy to start thinking about pleasing other people as the planning evolves, so hold true to what you both value most. If you love the beautiful harmony of nature and stunning outdoor scenery, perhaps a garden wedding venue in Perth should be atop your wish list.

If you’d like this to be an opulent affair, consider some of the more unique wedding venues around Perth like conservatories or state buildings. Just make sure you hold to your vision to enjoy a more connected feel to your big day.

Learn More about Catering

Remove one major headache from your to-do list. Asking your venue to provide the catering. Most of them do.

The fun part is that most wedding venues almost always offer a menu tasting. It’s your chance to have a delicious precursor to your big day while picking and choosing the banquet that will suit your tastes and wow your guests.


Explore Unique Wedding Venues in Perth

Quite often, a perfect wedding venue is only deemed so once the wedding is over and everyone’s re-living the garden wedding, the ballroom, the beach… the whatever. Most of the time, it’s the people within the venue that make the day memorable. That’s you, your fabulous guest list and us. Willow Pond has been realising wedding dreams for over 21 years. It would be our pleasure to assist you with yours.

You’re welcome to come to us with just a budget and a date, or an idea for the whole day, from sunrise to going away song. We’re here to help you make the best day of your new life unforgettable. We have so much more to tell you when you’re ready. Just give us a call.