Booking a wedding for the wintertime in Perth can be daunting, but you shouldn’t let the weather put you off. Prepare properly and your special day will be no less perfect, and if not more romantic than a summer wedding. Here’s how.

Limit Travel

It’s a smart move to book one venue for both your wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. This will prevent guests from a delayed arrival to the wedding reception venue in the sudden onset of bad weather…which means less hair-pulling on your end, and for your guests!

Prep Your Skin

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to have chapped lips and dry skin on your special day. Fight the drying effect of the cold by getting your skin wedding-ready at least one month in advance. It’s worth exfoliating from head-to-toe once a week, and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Morning and night. Invest in both a quality day cream and night cream (ask your beauty therapist for a recommendation) and your skin will swear it’s summer come your wedding day.


Reduced temperatures don’t mean you have to turn up to your wedding in a puffer jacket. For the wedding reception and in between photos, don chic accessories like a faux fur coat, or custom-made attachable long-sleeved lace to layer over your dress. These are your ‘safety net’ to ensure you won’t be shivering on the day, and all while still looking elegant and the way you envisioned.

Coat Check

You won’t be the only one worrying about how to stay warm – make sure you lock in a trustworthy way of looking after your guest’s coats once they enter your indoor venue.

Warming Guest Goodies

For an outdoor ceremony, why not drape small individual lap blankets over the guests’ chairs? Hand warmers or scarves are some other easy ideas that will make the day more enjoyable for everyone. Heaters are also a non-negotiable on a Perth winter’s day and will transform a cold outdoor space into a cosy, inviting one.

Have Umbrellas Ready

Perth winters can get pretty rainy, so it goes without saying that you should have umbrellas on standby – be it for outdoor wedding photos or during an outdoor ceremony. Large white or ivory umbrellas that match your dress look especially elegant, and can even enhance your wedding photos – all while ensuring your hair stays dry and in place. Colourful umbrellas are another option and add a nice contrast, all while tying in with your chosen theme.

Hosting outdoor weddings for over 21 years, Willow Pond knows how to do winter weddings, and the expansive Japanese gardens here guarantee a magical day. Contact the team at Willow Pond today and you’ll have peace of mind that your wedding will be nothing but a winter wonderland.