O-oh, did someone say birthday celebration? And not the kind of birthday where a kiss and a hug will do. More like the streamers, table decorations and invitations kind?

Right, rather than go bolting for your sad balloon stash, take these tips from some party-throwing experts and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Hire a Private Function Venue


There are some practical and some emotional reasons for hiring a private birthday venue in Perth.

First, the practical. A special birthday celebration can mean a lot of people want to, or should, attend. There’s nothing worse than planning a medium-sized party at home only to find the guest list out-growing your living room!

With a private function room, you can still make it cosy, or let it grow with the guest RSVPs, plus you’ll still have room for a DJ, decorations, a present table and entertainers.

Emotionally, a party in a private room immediately elevates the level of excitement and expectation. The guest of honour will never forget their big day and you get to enjoy it more, leaving a lot of the hard work to experienced staff.

Add to this that by the time you invest in catering, decorations, extra chairs and tables and beautiful invitations, your party at home might not be far off what it costs to hire a function venue in Perth. Not to mention saving on the stress of it all.

Have Your Event Catered


If you’re relying on the drinks being the social lubricant to any party, you really do need to think again. Catering is an essential contributor to a party being memorable and fun.

Cater yourself, and you’ll rarely step out of the kitchen. Hire a function venue in Perth that offers catering and you’ll enjoy yourself, see the guest of honour more and easily cover the countless desires and dietary requests of everyone.

You could choose a set menu. You could opt for tray after tray of delicious finger food. Catering speaks volumes, saying that you’ve gone all out to put real thought and effort into this birthday celebration.

Send Quality Invitations


A good invitation tells you where you’re going. A great invitation becomes a keepsake! So combine the two for this special occasion.

The rule is to send out the invites at least four weeks prior to the event. It’s your chance to set a theme (in case people need to prepare) and also get a solid number on who’s attending. RSVPs should be received no later than 10 days before the big day.

Having them professionally printed elevates the excitement and expectation whilst showcasing the personality and style of the guest of honour… and organiser.

Book Birthday Venues in Perth

So if you are still a bit jittery about that upcoming big birthday celebration? Then you might need a little help and we can think of no better function venue in Perth than Willow Pond Reception Centre.

Our outdoor garden is one of Perth’s most popular birthday venues. We also have three indoor spaces to help share the joy. Our catering packages are full of delicious choices and can fulfil every dietary requirement.

Put simply, we love a party and would love to help you with yours. A guided tour of Willow Pond awaits so give us a call today.