professional corporate even venues perth

You’ve just walked out of your boardroom meeting carrying something you didn’t go in with – the responsibility of planning your next corporate function.

Perfect! This is your chance to show everyone, from management to participants, that delivering a top-notch corporate event in Perth is all thanks to your meticulous planning.

So, the all-important first and second questions have to be:

  • Why are you holding this event?
  • And who’s coming?

When you know that, it’s surprising how easily other aspects of planning can follow.


Book a Private Space

Reserving a space that’s solely for your guests instantly elevates the mood to one of a heightened importance. Find the right private function room in Perth and make it uniquely yours. You’ll guarantee you can control the event, allowing it to flow freely without disruption.

Be careful to select a space that reflects your reason for being there – nothing too racy if you’re delivering a heavy corporate restructure but added spark to match the launch of your exciting new product.

It’s also very important to think of accessibility. Getting to the venue easily is key to making sure attendees arrive in the right frame of mind. Convenience in using the facilities is also important, taking into account the close proximity of the kitchen for the catering staff right down to restrooms being close by.


Have Your Event Catered

Catering isn’t half as tricky if you give the job to a professional caterer. First you’ll need to do a head count of your guests. We always recommend you over-estimate the numbers. If food is left over, you can donate to charity or redistribute it to staff. Under-catering can leave a seriously bad taste in a hungry guest’s mouth.

Next, set a realistic budget before going to the caterer. No matter which private function room in Perth you choose, the caterer can only deliver to the level that the money allocated allows and this includes crockery, flowers, linen etc.

A professional caterer can deliver on dietary requirements and advise if wait staff are needed. They’ll do everything in an almost invisible way so your event can proceed with minimal interruption.


Organise a Clear Schedule

This is crucial to a smooth running event. Write up a ‘Run Sheet’ for the whole day’s proceedings. Hand a copy to each division working on the day. The sheet should include contacts for the event, a list of when performances/awards/guests will be occurring and any other important pieces of information.

A schedule is very helpful for your guests too. By providing it in advance, your attendees know what to expect and what not to miss. They also know when they can take breaks, enjoy meals and relax.


Host Corporate Events in Perth

Right up there, at the top of the list of private function rooms in Perth is Willow Pond Reception Centre. We have three perfect indoor venues plus a beautiful outdoor garden space that have all been used to host very successful corporate events in Perth.

We can cater for you. We will dress the space for you. We will guide you to a theme or style that suits your corporate event perfectly. Just best not to wait as our venue is popular and business is thriving in WA. We’re ready to take your call today.