Did you hear about that amazing garden wedding venue in Perth where the guests arrived by hot air balloon? Or where a photo booth at an outdoor wedding venue left everyone in stitches of laughter?

They didn’t just happen once. Imaginative wedding inclusions are happening all the time now as brides and grooms who cross the threshold into married life, take their guests on an unforgettable experience.

So what’s your top wedding inclusion to be? We have a few ideas for you!

Unique Wedding Music

Man in black suit plays red guitar standing with a band

String quartets are lovely but let’s leave that to modern day princesses. How about turning wedding music on its head with a live band that’s guaranteed to pull you all to your feet and have you re-living the memory for years.

Perhaps a jazz band walking you down the aisle? Or a flamenco guitarist performing throughout the reception? It’s really up to your style of music and how individual you want it to be… and that includes a heavy metal bridal waltz if that’s your thing. It’s been done, believe us!

DIY Flower Station

diy wedding flowers

How often have you been to a wedding where at the end of the night, guests leave with a wedding flower arrangement? So give them what they yearn for – a do-it-yourself flower station.

Just dress up a table with an assortment of flowers, pins and ribbons and let the guests create their own corsages or table decorations. It’s best to stick to sturdy, smaller flowers that can take a bit of handling and if it’s roses, make sure all thorns are removed first! Your florist will happily help you out with this.

A Photo Booth

This is close to the ultimate fun-starter for parties. It’s an immediate ice breaker and it’s infectious – one person starts, more people join in and before you know it, you have an entire album-full of joyous, loving, quirky wedding shots for posterity.

Looking at an outdoor wedding venue in Perth? Setting up a photo booth can be as simple as hanging a lace curtain from a tree and the camera set up in front of it. Indoors, you could hang an ornate picture frame in front of a beautifully wallpapered wall and voila! – an instantly framed masterpiece. Or for the digital lovers, how about setting up an Instagram hashtag. Almost everyone has a smartphone. They can take the shot and post it straight to Instagram for an instant online photo album.

Learn More About Garden Wedding Venues in Perth

We can imagine quite a few ways to immortalise your wedding day. We bet you have even more ideas to make it utterly memorable.

Get your list ready and we’ll meet you at the most beautiful garden wedding venue in Perth, which just happens to be right here at Willow Pond Reception Centre. It’s ideal as outdoor wedding venues go, with your own private lake, outstanding wedding catering and event organisers who know their stuff. We’d be honoured to help plan your wedding and welcome your inquiry today.