The “typical” wedding sure has evolved over the last few decades. Traditional church weddings now share the limelight with popular outdoor weddings in Perth. Brides can be given away by more people than just Dad and the wedding favour, or bonbonniere of yesteryear, is now taken from a limitless supply of ideas.

Today, we get amongst the gifts to see the totally unique ways wedding couples are saying ‘thanks for coming!’


Table set for an event party or wedding reception

This is the perfect wedding favour on so many levels. First, if you have chosen a garden wedding venue, then your theme continues perfectly as each guest sits down to their personalised potted succulent.

It’ll be their constant reminder of your growing love… and we emphasise constant because succulents are very hardy plants, even for those guests with black thumbs! They’ll last and last on far less water so they’re also a top enviro choice – the reason some horticulturalists are now steering households towards planting more succulents.

If you simply can’t go past the wonder and beauty of nature and an outdoor wedding in Perth is locked in, you can always go for a personalised packet of seeds. To be planted by your guests at their own home, it’s a lasting reminder of your relationship continuing to grow. Herb seeds are a popular pick but what a statement a flower makes when it’s in full bloom.

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans grain two hearts on background of sacking bagging

Ah, what an aroma! Many people who don’t drink coffee still love the smell of a bundle of coffee beans. If your first date was over a coffee or you just want everyone to enjoy a toast at the end of the reception, a beautifully bundled pack of personalised coffee beans will carry that memory right into everyone’s kitchen.

Tea leaves work well too especially if you create your own wedding-flavoured mix. Or if hot chocolate is your thing, pour the cocoa powder and marshmallows into a pouch for serving later at home.

Disposable Cameras

Pink Theme Wedding Table Place Setting with Disposable Camera, Bouquet, and Vintage Crystal Wine Glass

This idea continues to be such a winner. A disposable camera as a wedding favour for each guest couple opens up their night to fun throughout the reception, plus, once they’ve had the shots developed, it gives you the chance for some hilariously candid shots for your wedding album.

Start Planning Your Wedding Event in Perth

Wedding favours go a long way to showing that the love contained within your wedding isn’t the sole property of the wedding couple. It’s for everyone to enjoy, and with the right thank-you gift, it will be appreciated long after you’ve left for your honeymoon. They may be one of the last things you organise but wedding favours go a long way to keeping the joy going.

So is it to be an outdoor wedding in Perth? Have you seen our amazing garden wedding venue? Take a virtual tour while you’re visiting our site, or come and be our guests for a stroll around the pond as the willows flutter around you. It truly is a majestic scene and just one more reason that every wedding is better at Willow Pond Reception Centre. We’re excited to help plan your wedding and welcome your inquiry today.