After your grand entrance as the freshly-wed bride and groom, the catering at your wedding reception in Perth will probably be the other most talked about moment of the day. It’s high atop guests’ expectations.
Remembering that this amazing day is all about the two of you, and the serene garden wedding venue if it’s at Willow Ponds, it’s still important to consider your guests’ food allergies, dietary preferences and religious observances.

Ask Early

You need an early understanding of a guest’s food intolerance because:

  • Some food allergies can be deadly.
  • Some guests will go hungry (It’s a big day for them too!)
  • Your caterer will be asked to fix this on the night, and time and ingredients may not be on-hand.

The solution is to ask your guests during the initial wedding invitation. This isn’t so they can tell you what they want to eat. It’s just leaving a space to identify if they’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, halal or are allergic to a certain ingredient.

Work With Your Caterer

These days, caterers understand that food intolerances and allergies are part and parcel of food preparation. Add to this that Perth is blessed with an abundance of fresh food, and you can see how easily a wide variety of dishes can be served while still delivering the wedding event you’ve always dreamt of. Ask a number of caterers what their experience is in delivering special dietary requests. Perusing their previous menus will steer you in the right direction.

Once you have a new menu in hand, it’s common practice to send it out to your guests. It can also be uploaded onto your wedding site with a list of ingredients.

When it comes to the magical wedding cake, don’t be alarmed if someone’s gluten-free or vegan. It’s still your wedding. There’s nothing wrong with creating your dream wedding cake, with all of the traditional ingredients, and making a series of other desserts to satisfy their sweet desires.

Ensure Wait Staff are Informed During Service

Here’s where your early planning really pays off. You know where the guests with special requests are sitting. Mark this down on your seating plan so the kitchen staff can deliver the correct meal to the precise table place. You’ll be seen as hiring the garden wedding venue with the most exemplary service and your guests will feel totally valued.

If you’re serving a buffet, clearly label the speciality dishes. To prevent cross-contamination with utensils, or regular guests partaking of the limited supply of speciality dishes, invite the special dietary guests to partake of the buffet first.

Plan Your Wedding Reception in Perth

To an experienced wedding caterer, dishing up allergy-free and dietary-specific meals is just another part of a five-star service. All it takes is some forward planning and a stunning venue like Willow Pond for your wedding reception in Perth. Our garden wedding venue is the apple of a wedding planner’s eyes. The outdoor setting is a wonder to behold while our catering division will ensure every dietary requirement is followed to the letter.

We invite you to contact us today to set your wedding day wheels in motion.