5 Reasons to Have a Garden Wedding

It goes without saying that a bride-to-be envisions her wedding day as a magical one. A garden venue provides a romantic open space that can be styled to meet your personal taste – ensuring that the day feels like it’s straight from a fairytale.

Umming and aahing about having a garden wedding? Here are just some of the reasons why it is well worth considering.

1. Numerous Ceremony Locations

Have a garden wedding and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of ceremony locations available onsite. At Willow Pond, there are four different wedding location zones within the authentic Japanese Gardens, so you’re sure to find an outdoor space that feels just right.

Worried about bad weather on the day? The three indoor private function rooms at Willow Pond provide peace of mind that if it’s bucketing with rain, there’s the backup option of an indoor ceremony in a carefully curated space that won’t dampen the mood. The Wisteria Room for instance offers carpet floor that’s soft underfoot, and a parquetry dance floor to ensure everyone has a good time. It also offers direct access to Swagman’s Court overlooking the gardens, so no one will feel like they’re stuck inside.

2. The Wedding Photos

Lush green gardens provide a picturesque backdrop for the wedding photographer – so there’s no inconvenience of offsite travel to take photos elsewhere on the day. If you’re the bride, the contrast of your white or cream dress against the greenery and pops of orange, pink and purple flowers will make for some magical wedding photos.

Having been constructed and cultivated since 1985, most trees at Willow Pond’s expansive Japanese Gardens have reached a semi-matured stage, providing you with real enchantment and ambience on the day. There’s also the white-pebbled dry landscape of Willow Pond’s Zen Garden, which will provide another whole look altogether, complementing the bride’s dress and creating a calm mood. 

3. Less Time and Money Spent

From the ceremony to the photos to the function, you can have all three at Willow Pond due to the indoor and outdoor spaces provided. Less travel time is something guests will appreciate too. You also won’t have the financial burden of having to pay for two different venues on the day, and the garden’s natural beauty also means less money spent on outdoor designer decorations.

4. Less Stress

A location that offers onsite catering removes the additional stress of having to outsource and coordinate with a caterer. One venue location also removes the stress and inconvenience that can come with the wedding party and guests having to commute from the ceremony to the function…no one will be late to the party!

5. A Child-Friendly Venue

Anyone with children will agree that an outdoor wedding venue provides a much more child-friendly space than in indoor one; something to take into account if you’ve got little bridesmaids or groomsmen who will want to run around and play after the formalities! A child throwing a tantrum at an indoor venue can also disrupt the ceremony, so both your wedding party and adult guests will be also be grateful for an outdoor venue.

If you’re after a garden wedding venue that meets all of the above criteria, Willow Pond is your answer. Priding ourselves on expertise in wedding planning and preparations, contact us today and our staff will collaborate with you, going above and beyond to ensure the big day exceeds your expectations.