Top Occasions To Indulge In High Tea


The British tradition of high tea began back in the mid 1700s, initially a simple afternoon meal for the working man. Here tea and scones were consumed either standing up, or while sitting on tall stalls – hence being coined High Tea!

With time however, high tea turned into a civilised afternoon meal for upper class ladies and gents, marking a special event on their calendars – be it a birth, a birthday or an anniversary. It also served as the perfect pre-theatre meal, helping to tide prestigious folk over until late night supper!

It wasn’t long before the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, came up with the concept of placing fillings like meat, cheese and sliced cucumber between two slices of bread – this is how the sandwich, and more specifically the High Tea Sandwich came to be!

Fast-forward to the 21st century, and high teas are still thriving – not just in the British Empire, but around the globe, with different cultures adding their own personal touch to the concept.

So without further ado, here’s a look at the top occasions for indulging in High Tea in this day and age:

Birthdays & Anniversaries

These come only once a year, and a high tea is a special way to mark the occasion. No longer limited to tea and scones and cheese sandwiches, the High Teas offered at Willow Pond Perth feature an array of beautifully presented sweet and savoury treats that will really make you feel like you’re celebrating something special! From Lavender Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing and Miniature Scones with Housemade Mango and Passionfruit Jam, to Smoked Chicken Club Sandwiches and plenty more, this is not your average high tea.

Hen’s Parties

If you’re after a more civilised hen’s party, a high tea is a sophisticated way to get into the pre-wedding spirit with your girlfriends or female family members. If you are keen for a night out on the town, why not begin the festivities a high tea? This will guarantee that you start the evening on a high note (pardon the pun!), providing the perfect relaxed setting for introducing guests and breaking the ice.

Special Events with Family & Friends

If you have a ladies lunch or family get-together coming up, why not catch up over high tea? Willow Pond even has a Children’s High Tea menu, with fun goodies like Fairy Bread Fingers and Assorted Mini Lamingtons for an Australian touch. The kids can wash everything down with a hot chocolate or juice before running around in the lush gardens onsite.

Concerned about your guests’ dietary requirements?

Worry not – there’s even a Gluten Free High Tea menu available, and one which doesn’t compromise on taste; think Nutella Fudge Brownies, Berry Friands made with almond meal, and assorted Frittatas for a savoury touch.

From England to Australia, high teas have stood the test of time, with the British Empire tradition standing strong in Perth. Whatever the occasion, and for groups large and small, Willow Pond serves up high tea of the highest standards. Here you’ll enjoy your three-tiered meal in the relaxed restaurant setting, overlooking the expansive Japanese gardens.

High Tea bookings need to be made at least two days beforehand, and can be arranged at the following times only:

Monday – Friday: 10:30, 10:45 & 11:00

Tuesday – Sunday: 15:30, 15:45, 16:00, 16:15 & 16:30

So get in quick and arrange a date for your special occasion today!